Destination: Williamsburg, Virginia

What better place to learn about American history than Williamsburg, Virginia. Throughout the years, Williamsburg has become an ideal destination for group travel for so many reasons.

Every season is ideal

You just can’t beat summers in Williamsburg, especially on July 4th with fireworks above the colonial city. But, Williamsburg offers unique charm in every season: fall is filled with cultural events capped off with the option to spend Thanksgiving in Williamsburg; winter is ideal because unlike many other East coast destinations, most attractions here are open year-round. There are typically special programs for the public for African American History month (February) and Women’s History month (March); spring is fantastic because flowers are in bloom and key attractions like Colonial Williamsburg are officially open for the season.

Top attractions

  • • Colonial Williamsburg – You cannot find a better way to experience American history than through a hands-on experience at Colonial Williamsburg. Step into the Revolutionary City and become a part of the American Revolution by learning about the people, struggles and political climate during war time.Colonial Williamsburg
  • • Jamestown – This time travel experience sets you right into the Jamestown settlement- America’s first permanent English colony. There are outdoor living history exhibits including ship replicas that you can explore and colonial establishments where costumed interpreters engage you in a moment from the 1600’s.
  • • Yorktown Victory Center – An interactive center that walks you through the events leading up to the American Revolution. There are daily demonstrations at a re-created Army encampment and hands-on learning at the Gallery exhibits and outdoor living-history areas.
yorktown victory center

Yorktown Victory Center


There are more than 300 restaurants in the small town of Williamsburg. You will find upscale dining and casual restaurants as well as French cuisine, Mexican and Seafood.

Perfect for groups

Williamsburg is tailor-made for hosting group trips. With attractions from the historical Colonial Williamsburg to theme parks, shopping and museums, there’s plenty to offer a diverse group. Local restaurants and lodging options are suited to handle most types of group trips.

World of Travel’s “must-see” recommendation

If you shy away from crowds, we recommend that you focus your visit on nearby Jamestown where the historical experience is equal, if not better than Williamsburg. As the site of America’s first permanent English colony, this is a much less crowded location. You will experience a living museum with people wearing period costumes and see what life was like in 17th century Colonial America.

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