U.S. Riverboat Cruises

If you have researched travel ideas lately, chances are you have seen lots of options for U.S. Riverboat cruises. World of Travel group and incentive planning consultants have seen a surge in popularity for these trip, especially for group travel.

Why? For several reasons:

  1. As the U.S. population ages and baby boomers look for travel options, river cruises provide the perfect opportunity. The cruises typically go at a slower pace and they can stop at smaller ports that are inaccessible to larger ships.
  2. The boats are smaller than traditional cruise ships with typically fewer than 200 passengers. Fewer people mean fewer lines and more opportunities on-board.
  3. It is a great way to see America up-close by visiting the cities that make up its history.
  4. It is a different way to travel. Cruising the Mississippi River or coasting along Alaska’s Inside Passage while having access to on-board Queen of the Mississippi River Boat Cruisenaturalists and historians is a new way to explore the wonders close to home.
  5. You get the cruising atmosphere with great food, entertainment specific to your route and unforgettable scenery on a smaller scale. The more intimate experience is appealing to travelers who want more individualized service.

If you want to go:

  • Book far in advance. Plan on booking 12-18 months ahead for top cabin choices.
  • Research various cruise line offerings: what’s included in the price? What extras are charged?
  • Explore ALL options. You might have your heart set on one cruise, but we encourage you to explore lots of options before making a final decision. There are cruises that cover the Upper Mississippi, Lower Mississippi, Tennessee River, Ohio River, Columbia and Snake Rivers and others.

World of Travel Riverboat Cruising recommendations:

  • Cruises to the Pacific Northwest are incredibly popular. The scenery along the Columbia and Snake Rivers is breathtaking.

    Queen of the West Paddlewheeler on the Columbia River

  • The new American Empress riverboat is our top pick for high-quality cruising! This boat is a great option for group travel because of its high standards and ability to handle larger groups.

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