Destination: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans French Quarter

New Orleans is truly one of the greatest cultural melting pots in the world. From music to food to cultural rituals, the Big Easy is rich in influences from Europe, Africa the Caribbean and other nationalities. As one of World of Travel’s favorite U.S. destinations, New Orleans is a welcoming city especially for group travel and there’s never a dull moment!

Why go?

  • Food – The French influence in New Orleans has resulted in distinct and delicious French Cajun cuisine. Come hungry and enjoy the famous Po-Boys, Gumbo, Jambalaya, crawfish etouffee and red beans and rice which are signature New Orleans dishes. Definitely leave room for some beignets which will satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • Music – From Jazz and Blues clubs on every corner to music in the parks and the Cajun Zydeco Festival you cannot help but be captivated by the New Orleans music scene.
  • Culture – It doesn’t take long to figure out that New Orleans is a vibrant, eclectic culture centered on spicy food, rhythmic music and southerners who welcome you cheerfully to “noo-AW-linz.”

Top attractions

  • French Quarter – The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter is a National Historic Landmark with 18th century architecture and 21st century entertainment, shopping, food and art. Visitors can enjoy French Quarter tours by horse-drawn carriage or ghost tours through the area. The French Quarter is also known for its unique boutiques and Royal Street which has world famous restaurants and architecture.
  • Bourbon Street – In the heart of the French Quarter is Bourbon Street, one of the most famous streets in the world. While Bourbon Street is a 24/7 party during Mardi Gras in February, you can rest assured there is a lively crowd and eclectic mix of people the rest of the year too. Night clubs, fine Cajun cuisine and lots of rich history line “Rue Bourbon,” which spans 13 blocks.
  • Museums – The city’s rich history with so many cultural influences makes visiting the museums in New Orleans so interesting. Museums worth visiting include: the New Orleans Mint (formerly the U.S. Mint), the National World War II museum, the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
  • Historic homes – Some of the nation’s oldest homes are in New Orleans boasting extravagant American, French and Spanish architecture. You can take a tour of the homes and help preserve the historic New Orleans neighborhoods.


New Orleans has short, mild winters and hot and humid summer months. Temperatures range from 53 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

World of Travel’s “must-see” recommendation

While Bourbon Street is definitely a “must see” during your New Orleans visit, we recommend heading to where the locals hang out for a different kind of experience. Frenchman Street is less crowded, offers better shopping, and a fun, sophisticated local crowd. We also spotted great jazz clubs and street performers here. A walk down Bourbon Street

If you are looking for a memorable day trip, check out the bayous that are only 45 minutes away by car. You can take an airboat ride and even feed alligators. This is a great chance to really see how the local Cajun people live.

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