3 Incentives of Hiring Group Travel Consultants

We see it all the time: people try to save money by booking their group travel arrangements themselves and end up in the World of Travel booking office spending more money to fix missteps. It seems easy in theory, but trust us, there’s an art to managing group travel logistics.

We’ve broken down the 3 incentives of hiring group travel consultants that can save you money, time and hassle in the long run.

  1. 1. Eliminate burdens – There are so many logistics involved with group travel planning from making sure you get seats together on the plane to coordinating staggered RSVPs for lodging confirmations. Too many things can fall through the cracks. One point-person who handles all of those logistics ensures that nothing is left to chance.
  1. 2. Direct industry contacts – Group and incentive planning consultants have direct contacts in the industry, meaning that we can often secure reservations that would be difficult for you to get on your own. We are often able to get special pricing because of these long-term industry relationships.
  1. 3. Experience – everything is better with experience, and group travel planning is no different. At World of Travel there isn’t much we haven’t encountered over the years. It is this experience that enables us to avoid common mistakes that people make when planning and booking group travel on their own. We are better suited to offer advice and plan the best trip for your particular group.

At World of Travel, we believe strongly in the ‘been there, done that’ philosophy. Our group and incentive planning consultants have been all around the world and that matters when it comes to planning travel for you. One mistake can cost you, or your group thousands of dollars that are not in your budget. Spending the money to hire a professional, can actually end up saving you money in the long run by avoiding these mistakes.

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